Silicone Hoses

Here is a full listing of silicone hose kits and individual straights and bends.


Silicone Hose Bend

90' Silicone Hose Bend
Silicone hose bend, please click for required diameter.

Silicone Bend

Silicone Hose Bend

45' Bend in Silicone Hose

Please select your diameter.

Available in a range of colours

Silicone Hose Straight

Straight Silicone Hose Length

Straight Length of Silicone Hose.

Click for required Diameter & Colour.

16v Water Hose Kit

Delta 16V Water  Hose Kit ( Silicone )

Top and Bottom Water silicone hoses.

Fits all 16v Delta Integrales.

Available in a range of colours. 

Turbo Hose Kit

Silicone Hose Kit. Includes Top & Bottom Intercooler Turbo hoses.

Hose Kit fits all 16v Deltas. Available in a range of colours.

Please specify your choice from the drop box.

Induction Hose Kit

Delta Induction Kit

Induction Kit to fit all Delta Evolutions

This Induction kit is unique to Walkers Garage, comprising of 7 hoses in total.

Available in a range of colours.