Race & Rally Components

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Brand new on the market heat material. This revolutionary fibre can cope with temperatures approaching 600 Degrees Celsius. Direct contact heat properties of up to 350 degrees.

Aluminium foil on facing side and adhesive backed with a weight of only 570gr/mt2 this versatile material is already used in many applications throughout motorsport.

Available in two thicknesses of 2mm & 4mm.


Teknofibra Contact

Teknofibra CONTACT material is the lateset development in the TeknoFibra range; this new material can now be fitted in direct contact with the heat source. The material can handle temperatures up to 800 Degrees Celsius from the front whilst maintaning a consistant 20 -30 degrees Celsius on the reverse.

Aluminium fronted again with this material utilising a slightly thicker front sheet from the original Teknofibra making the Contact material more rigid but still able to be moulded to shapes.

Sheets are sized at 620mm x 270mm x 4mm

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Rally Jack

Lightweight Rally Car Jack


Rally jack with pivot action machined from Steel billet. Exceptionally strong design with a very quick 14 stroke from ground to car in the air (10 seconds overall time). Has a alloy foot plate with roll feature and comes complete with pin machined to your desired size additional pins are available on request.

This jack is exceptionally strong with the pivot been machined fron billet steel and the shaft is cold drawn steel tube, together this enables us to offer a 3 Year warranty with this item.

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ProTack Evo

Pro-Tack is a complete dash siplay unit with rev counter and digital display for various engine readings.

The Unit features a complete electronic dash and data logger system with analogue R.P.M and digital information but with graphic LCD on oil pressure,oil temp,water temp,fuel pressure,speed etc.etc... and many alarms.

4 Hours recording time, 999 laps (adding a beacon on the trackside and optional sensor on board), CAN BUS (for optional expansion). USB,frimwire upgradable (freely downloaded from the website www.aitechintruments.com). Dimensions 160 x 85 x 40mm

It is supplied complete with wiring harness,sensors, PC software and manual.

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Pro Rev

The Pro Rev is a tachometer that can be applied to any type of engine (2 or 4 stroke with 1 or more coils).

Using the tacho output of the ignition system, or connecting in to one of the available coils. Features: 10 Progrmmable shift lights, RPM peak value record, 6 hours Data logger (optional).

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Competition Rainlight

Rainlight for the use on the rear of circuit racing vehicles.

Diameter - 51mm x 51mm


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Fuel Level Gauge

Fuel Level Gauge

52mm 12V Fuel Level Gauge
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Fuel Pressure Gauge

Fuel Pressure Gauge

52mm 12V Fuel Pressure gauge

Available in variation of increments.

Please select from drop box.

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Oil Temperature Gauge

Oil Temperature Gauge

52mm Oil Temperature Gauge

12V 50 Degrees celsius to 150 Degrees Celsius


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Oil Pressure Gauge

52mm Oil Pressure Gauge 0 - 10 Bar range