Lithium Batteries

High Performance Lightweight Batteries.

The new Lithium technology batteries manufactured by ENERGA  are 5 times lighter than
traditional lead-acid batteries but they are extremely powerful.   

These batteries, unlike lead acid/gel batteries, supply strong starting currents which allow reliable, repeated and consecutive starts even in cold winter temperatures.

They   are   fully   compatible  with all 12 volts electrical systems (alternator, alarm system,
electronic devices, etc…) and so replaceable to the standard lead-acid or Gel motorsport batteries. Another strength of the ENERGA lithium battery is its 5 year life expectancy.

How can you expect a lithium battery with a lower ampere/hour (A/h) rating than a lead battery be adequate?

The   capacity   available   from   a   standard   lead-acid   battery   varies according to how rapidly it’s discharged.  A battery discharged at a high rate will give about 50% less amperage than the same battery discharged slowly over a longer period of time.  This doesn’t happen with the  ENERGA lithium batteries.   They supply all the rated capacity even under large discharge currents while at the same time keeping a higher voltage than traditional lead-acid batteries.

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120 A Lithium Battery

120 A lithium battery, this fantastic battery only weighs 500g and measures in at only 112mm x 34mm x 11mm.

240A Lithium Battery

This is the 240A Lithium battery from the range. Weight is Only 900g and is 118mm x 80mm x 94mm. This small and super lightweight battery is perfect for motorbike engines.  

360A Lithium Battery

This is the 360A Lithium Battery from the range; weight = 1.28Kg and dimensions are 118mm x 88mm x 111mm. This is perfect for Hayabusa engines and is equivalant to a 20Ah battery.

480A Lithium Battery

480A Lithium Battery

Weight = 1.67Kg

Dimensions = 139mm x 93mm x 155mm

600A Lithium Battery

600 A Lithium Battery

Weight = 2.25Kg

Dimensions = 139mm x 93mm x 155mm

800A Lithium Battery

600 A Lithium Battery

Weight = 2.83Kg

Dimesnions = 166mm x 93mm x 165mm

1200A Lithium Battery

1200 A Lithium Battery

Weight = 4.35Kg

Dimesnions = 247mm x 93mm x 165mm

Lithium Battery Starter Pack

Starter pack for the Lithium Battery range; comes with small carrying handle and intergrated wiring to Anderson Plug.

Please see from the drop down menu the sizes available.

1.5A Lithium Battery Charger

1.5A Charger for Lithium Batteries

6A Lithium battery Charger

6 A Charger for Lithium Batteries